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watering_can_bigWarmest welcome. I am Sungita, a nutritional healer at Gaia’s Hut Health Lounge. I am also a blessed mummy to two delightful children, hence my particular interest in children and family health. I offer nutritional support programmes to those who choose health, vitality and clarity of mind over the life of sickness, constant tiredness and fog in their heads. I also offer individual health coaching to families as they go through such important stages as fertility and pre-conceptual care, pregnancy and breast feeding, so that the precious new life is wonderfully nourished and is ready to sprout into a healthy, happy and strong being.
I call myself Healer in Wellies because the best medicine always comes from the garden. Eat real food in all colours of rainbow, drink pure water, enjoy the sun and movement outside and think pure thoughts – my approach is all about simplicity, no fads involved! Here at Gaia’s hut we respect all the beings on Earth and don’t see animals as food.

Disease is our body’s attempt to heal itself and it needs our help in it. Treating the symptoms with medicinal drugs is like swithching off the fire alarm when the fire is raging. Nourishing your whole body, giving it the right nutrients allows it to function at its best, allows the light into your cells, allows communication between the organs and systems – and the disease stands no chance.

Here at Gaia’s Hut we are huge believers in body ecology and like keeping it clean inside out. You need to rid yourself of rubbish  and debris for healing to take place. That’s why detoxification, juicing and fasting is a big thing with us.

Our body is a gift, a sacred vessel that carries our soul. Let’s treat it with reverence so it could serve us for many happy pain-free years.

Love and blessings. Sungita




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  1. I hope for more to come from you 🙂

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