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Wild Superfoods for Free or My Son’s Premium Platinum Health Insurance

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This time of the year is just so magical (ok, 10 degrees outside and rain make it less magical, but still…) – new life is unfolding everywhere! We  stop eating superfoods from a packet, infusing dried herbs for tea and buying leafy vegetables in the supermarket.

It is morning and we’ve just got up. Veles and I go out into our back garden to greet the new day. At this time of the year my back garden is full of wild superfoods that require absolutely no investment of either time or money (and isn’t it exactly the creation’s design for us?). While I pick some nettles (Veles cautions me – ‘Ow-ow!’) and cleavers, my little forager rushes to the clumps of mint and oregano, shouting ‘Chai, chai!’ (tea) and picks the herbs for tea.

My little forager picking lemon balm for tea

My little forager picking lemon balm for tea

Now let's make some tea

Now let’s make some tea

What might seem amazing to an outsider, my 2 year old son Veles knows what to pick for tea,smoothie, juice or soup:-). No, he wasn’t taught this. It’s just we do most of the things together and he observes. He also has some knowledge that is simply within him. For example, yesterday he decided to pick some comfrey leaves for juice (not something I would automatically do but I know he had a good point there – comfrey is a miracle plant full of electrolytes and trace minerals).

Anyway, we go back into our kitchen and get our Vitamix to work. Veles prompts me – banana, pear, lemon, (I also add some proteiney-fatty stuff, such as almond milk, hemp seeds, nut butter or tahini to help your energy levels last until lunch)… Then we load in our greens – in go nettles, mint and cleavers. Veles feels very excited as it is his job to switch the machine on and off. We pour the liquid emerald- coloured energy into pint glasses for me and Michal, and half a small glass for Veles. Then he calls his dad to come and we all do ‘cheers’ with our glasses:-). This is our morning ritual and we all love it. You can count the benefits – the connectedness to natural cycles, the little one’s bond to his parents and to the Earth, the sheer wild energy and health that is there for you and your kids for free and at the right time…

Now I wasn’t doing it when Arisha was little and I must say although she knows wild edible plants fairly well, green smoothies are not on her menu. I need to say something like ‘Lady Gaga drinks spinach juice every day’ to get her to join us for a glass of green juice. But the knowledge and the skill is in her, and it will be easy for her to start doing it, once the age of reason arrives:-).

Making green juice: Pineapple, parsley, mint, nettles and celery

Making green juice: Pineapple, mint, nettles and celery

Our wild green juices (which I’m trying to have every day but often succumb to lazy excuses) – 1 apple or pear (you want just a bit of sweetness), a bunch of celery, lemon juice to stop the fruit going brown,  loads of nettles, lovage, sorrel, cleavers, good King Henry (all _MG_9736growing in my forest garden. Some are wild, but lovage and sorrel were planted by us 3 years ago and now completely naturalised). Now my parsley is growing, and with its blood cleansing properties will be definitely a great addition to our green supersmoothies and juices. It’s also good time to sow coriander, another great detoxifier. Those of you without a garden or open space can just use spinach or chard, parsley and coriander from the shop, but believe me, this empty stuff will never make your cells sing as the wild greens do!

The subject of the benefits of wild greens is too wide for this post, so here are some links:

And one with wild recipes

Blessings and radiant health to you and your family



One thought on “Wild Superfoods for Free or My Son’s Premium Platinum Health Insurance

  1. To see little child with such a radiant face is a little magic in this quite pale world:-)

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