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Last week I decided to take on a challenge and find a perfect healthy and delicious cake for my little boy Veles’s second birthday. (Click here to read the post and see what cake I made for his first birthday). My Radiant Cake challenge is in full swing, and I am sharing with you the recipe for this  citrus cheesecake. It’s light, fruity and fragrant and you can allow yourself to be absolutely outrageous and have it for breakfast! We all enjoyed it, but we weren’t quite blown away by it. I have modified the recipe slightly. One thing I didn’t like about it was the fig seeds in the crust, so I suggest using soft dried apricots (dates would also work). To my disappointment, Veles was not impressed, so I guess this is not the winning birthday recipe. But I don’t want anyone to be put off by it – it’s still worth making and eating!



The second one was a very different story! This Choconana Ganache  (click for the recipe) is lush and decadent – sheer indulgence…with benefits (I guess by now everybody’s heard about the miraculous properties of raw chocolate, high mineral content of almonds and the wonders of coconut oil). And Veles loved it too, hooray. Yes, I let him have chocolate. Raw, organic and without any cane sugar! However, in spite of its wonderfull properties, more than moderate amounts of raw chocolate can be too stimulating for young children (adults too, especially the ones with sensitivity to caffeine). So I wouldn’t let him have more than 1 little slice. When he asks for more, I say to him, ‘You’ve had some, the rest is for the Baby Bear:-). It works!

But is this cake a winner?

Coming soon – chocolate beetroot mousse cake. This one is baked, but instead of flour it only requires small amounts of ground almonds. For the traditionalists among you, who think that birthday cake is chocolate cake.

Wish you radiant health and unashamed lightness.



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