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The week is over! My detox tips

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raw sweet potato crisps

So I have survived the week just on veggie and nuts and seeds with at least 80% raw:-). It’s very cold and dark outside and the spring is not in a rush, but I wanted to do it for the Equinox. I feel less tired and my skin looks more lustrous, even without the sun. And another great thing is, little kids always want to eat from mummy’s plate, so my little monkey was tucking into my green juices, salads, seaweed… He even eats spirulina powder from spoon and dry wakame straight from the packet!!!

Here are the tips and guidelines I’d like to share with you. Please note, I do not recommend it to people with serious chronic conditions or to pregnant women. These are just general suggestions and they can not replace an individual protocol.1. Write yourself up a plan with a menu for a week and a shopping basket, so you are well prepared. Try to include as many things that you like as you can – it is not meant to be suffering and deprivation! Remember to include what you are going to snack on and juice.

2. Write some motivation cards and hang them around your house. You can write why you are doing it, what you will achieve, remind yourself what this or that vegetable/herb/seed does to your cells/hair/skin/ waistline, etc

3. Have 2 raw and 1 gently cooked (stewed or steamed) meal a day and a pint of green juice. Include dark leafy greens in at least 2 of your meals (and obviously into your juice!). Include seaweed into your food every day – put wakame or dulce or hijiki into your salads, put kombu into your cooking, make nori rolls – your endocrine system will thank you for that! Make sure a good proportion of your meals are liquid – soups and smoothies. The easiest way to go is to have smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and  cooked soup or stew for dinner.

4. Prepare yourself lots of healthful snacks, so you don’t feel miserable when you want to munch on something. Here are some ideas – soaked seeds and nuts (don’t binge on them:-)), flax crackers (you can bake them in your oven on the lowest setting, if you don’t have a dehydrator) with some yummy raw spread, cashew cheese or almond butter, cut vegetables with almond butter, raw crisps.

5. Aim to drink 2 litres of pure water every day to hydrate and help with removal of the toxic stuff that gets released from your body. Start your day with a pint of warm water.

6. IMPORTANT!!! Once you start doing it, you body starts shifting lots of toxicity and your organs of elimination can get overloaded, sending all the toxins into your circulatory system. It is necessary to help your body to eliminate! Coffee enemas (or Magnesium enema if there is any kidney problems) are a must. You can also help by doing dry skin brushing (start brushing at your toes working your way up towards the heart, then do the same with your arms – from tips of your fingers, towards your heart, in brisk, firm movements), followed by a contrast shower .

7. Make sure that you come out of your detox gently. Reintroduce other types of food very gradually, starting with less sugary fruit, then non challenging grains, such as millet, buckwheat or quinoa – ALWAYS soak you grains and pulses, then some small quantities of lentils, etc. Dairy and gluten (well, and animals, if you eat them) should return last, and preferably only in a whole and fermented form – yoghurt, kefir, slow fermented sourdough bread. Spelt and Kamut are less challenging than traditional wheat.  And hopefully, man made food-like substaces will not return at all:-).

That’s about it. I promise to answer any questions you’ve got and I hope you will enjoy making yourself clean inside out:-) Wish you radiant health and lightness and look forward to my cherry chocolate smoothie tomorrow morning!

Love and blessings. Sungita

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