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Day 6 – entertaining guests


Hello, you gorgeous people! So what do you do if you are on a cleanse and the guests are coming? ‘Cause watching them having cheese and crackers and hummus etc wouldn’t work for me, to put it mildly! I would be tempted, well, beyond my will power:-). So let them have it RAW, he-he. Here is what I made. 2013-03-23 17.09.53(1)I made raw pizza which is a base similar to a flax cracker, topped with cashew cheese (yes, it’s an upside down pizza, otherwise the base will get to soggy from the sause), marinated and dehydrated veggies (courgettes, peppers and onions in soya sause, balsamic vinegar, mint and parsley) topped with raw ketchup (blended tomato, pepper, carrot and celery, lemon juice, onion and salt). Well, I think they were more curious than impressed and we all agreed that this kind of food is something you need to get used to. I also made beetroot ravioli, inspired by Chad Sarno’s recipe. I baked my beetroot, unlike Chad, who uses raw beetroot, sliced them, marinated slightly in balsamic vinegar and sandwiched some cashew cheese between each pair of slices. This was quite nice. All was gone.
I also made some raw sweets. When I say I’m not very enthusiastic about raw recipes, I don’t mean desserts. I think raw desserts can be very yummy, and you can indulge (I like indulging, must admit). And they are usually safe to give to children.  So the sweets were very simple. Here is the recipe:             2013-03-23 23.25.58

3/4 cup of coconut flour (or ground up desiccated coconut),

half cup raisins,

half of a small beetroot

juice of 1 orange

1-2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted (optional, but will make the sweets firm up in the fridge and better stick together).

dash of vanilla essence
Blend everything together, apart from the coconut flour, in a high speed blender or food processor, mix with the flour, roll into balls and refrigerate. Eat within 2 days. They come out pretty pink in colour and Veles calls them ‘gaga’, which is his word for chocolate:-). I have cheated today and had 2 or three of them:-(.

Tomorrow is the last day of the cleanse. Towards the end of it I am realising I’ve enjoyed my salads more than any elaborate raw concoctions that required long preparation and planning ahead. I used to be on a high raw diet a few years ago and made lots of the stuff, but I really find it tiresome and unsatisfying, especially in a cold climate. I’ve made a few attempts to get back to it, but have come to a conclusion that a good balance between raw and cooked is better for my and my family’s health. And it’s very expensive too.  So, tomorrow is the last day, and I’m just going to have what I’ve enjoyed most – salad, miso soup and sushi with avocado. I am going to relax it a bit for the breakfast and have an almond milk based cherry chocolate smoothie. Can’t face another green savoury smoothie, and besides, cherries are some of the least glycemic fruits.
Will try to have another coffee enema too. I must admit, I’ve been feeling so demotivated (not surprising in this weather) that haven’t done any since day 2. Haven’t done any yoga either. Don’t know whether it’s laziness or just an instinct telling me to conserve my energy. Anyway, look forward to next week, when I can start to re-introduce some of the less sugary fruit and small amounts of non-glutinous grains and lentils. And maybe 1-2 eggs.

Oh. yeah, and I’m starting my Radiant Cake challenge next week. But I will write about it next week!

Love and blessings. Sungita

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – entertaining guests

  1. sounds very yummy:-) any pictures?did your children eat the raw food with you during the cleanse and if so what did they like/dislike most?

    • Hi Tataj. I have just posted some pictures of safe-for-children cakes I’ve made and a recipe for one of them:). As for my children during the cleanse, my 14 year old daughter was reluctant to join, but the little one was absolutely amazing, wanted to try everything, started eating a lot more raw vegetables, drinking green juices, eating seaweed… It made me really happy to see him enjoying these types of food! Of course, I kept making more nutritionally dense food for the kids all along – they were NOT on a diet:-)! But he’s proved for me again that our children will eat what we eat.

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