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spring cleanse days 3 and 4

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I guess the crisis has now passed:-)! Was literally dragging my feet yesterday. Today I felt a lot better but had a major motivation dip – that’s what they call ‘going through withdrawals’, when you start dreaming about the foods that present the major challenges to your body. Carbs and sugars. Bread and fruit in my case. Going into town made the matters worse.                                                 Just now watched the ‘Hungry for Change’ documentary and it was just echoing my approach, so made me feel better about what I’m doing!

So yesterday – the usual green smoothie for breakfast, almond milk, avocado, parsley and spirulina/chlorella mix with chilli, lemon and salt. Didn’t enjoy it at all.  Then had a very nice lunch of raw sushi roll and a big salad. I guess you can see it all in the picture so there is no need for a recipe here. The spread on the nori sheet is chashew cheese.

2013-03-20 12.48.42

2013-03-20 12.57.57




Had some steamed broccoli, mange tout and carrots with raw spinach and tahini dressing for dinner. Then I had a pint of juice made with half an apple (yep, fruit, but just a little bit makes green juices so much nicer! And apples are good cleansers too), cucumber and kale.

Today I felt so uninspired by green smoothies, so treated myselg to a raw chocolate drink made with almond milk raw chocolate powder and half a tea spoon of Xylitol. I think I am going to throw the Xylitol away. I get a very unpleasant sensation in my stomach from it if I use just a bit. My whole family were sick this winter with poisoning-like symptoms after I added 3 tablespoons of Xylitol to cake. We thought it could have been a stomach bug, but after this morning I am more than sure, it was Xylitol! So that means I can’t use any of the GI-zero natural sweeteners, since I find Stevia increadibly disgusting.  Again, felt really uninspired by all the funky raw food recipes and just had a big salad with tahini dressing. Made some green soup for dinner (cooked) – celery, celeriac and broccoli, with lots of fresh parsley. I blended 3/4 of it and left the rest in chunks- it felt very comforting and soothing after sucha rough day (it’s also cold and grey outside). Had it with a nori roll with guacomole spread. What a great way to replace sandwiches! Same green juice like yesterday, only with celery instead of cucumber. OK, I guess Isound like a complete wimp now, so I’d rather go to sleep.2013-03-21 20.38.39

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