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spring cleanse day 1 and 2

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By the end of day 2 things are getting brighter. Felt very tired yesterday, but definitely not hungry. Veles has been such a star! I try to make him his usual food but he always wants to taste mine! Check this out!2013-03-19 09.09.03 2013-03-19 09.08.46I made for his breakfast our usual smoothie with almond milk, banana and frozen berries. I made for myself an ANTI-SMOOTHIE – almond milk, avocado, coriander, spirulina/chlorella/barley grass powder, green chilli, lemon juice and sea salt (since I can’t have sweet, I put lemon and chilli everywhere!). He had a few sips of his, and then a few sips of mine. I can’t say I’m delighted by the taste and would like to have it every day, but it was quite palatable.

Yesterday I was very busy making some raw snacks. I’ve made sweet potato crisps (just sliced sweet potato very thin and dried in dehydrator. Would work in the oven too), kale and flax crackers, cashew cheese (used Chad Sarno‘s recipe but it hasn’t turned out quite like Chad’s – hasn’t fermented or firmed up so you can cut it. I guess my probiotic doesn’t work very well. At least I know it now).

So yesterday in the morning I had some mange tout and peppers with almond butter, then for lunch I made raw courgette fetuccini with mushrooms and cashew alfredo sause (doesn’t it sound posh?). 2013-03-18 13.47.07Lots of lemon juice and herbs again. Veles tried a few fork fulls and even said ‘mmmm’:-). For dinner I made cabbage, tomato and sweet corn soup (cooked) with all my favourite spices and fresh coriander mixed in. I had it with a salad of avocado, rocket, wakame seaweed and toasted sesame seeds, dressed with soya sause, lemon juice and sesame oil. I ate it with chopsticks which Veles found very exciting – so that’s how I got him to eat loads of seaweed and avocado, Ha-ha-ha! The kids had their own food, anyway – brown rice and curry from the day before. By the way I’ve been working hard on feeding my family with more seaweed. It has lots of important minerals and rare trace minerals – including precious Iodine, the top fertility nutrient (it obviously has lots of other functions). One way of doing it that I find quite easy is to put Kombu seaweed (Japanese kale)into your cooking, especially soups and stews. The taste is not affected.

Today for lunch we had the soup from yesterday with flax crackers and cashew cheese. For dinner I made 2 versions of miso soup. Since my kids are not detoxing;-), I made theirs with buckwheat groats and chopped carrots, kale, celery and mushrooms cooked in a miso and kelp stock, garnished with wakame and spring onions. For my miso soup, I shredded a carrot and half courgette into noodles, sliced 2 small mushrooms and red chilli (Arisha commented on how often I use them this week!) and spring onions. I got my miso and kelp stock (white miso paste and kelp powder) to boil, removed it from the heat, mixed2013-03-19 19.15.10 in the vegetable and left it for 2 minutes. Then I mixed in wakame and spinach. So far, this is my favourite meal – love it! I said to Arisha I put in wakame so my hair could grow thicker, and she said, ‘OK, give me some more’:-)!

I’ve been drinking at list 2 litres of water a day and about a pint of very green juice (also with chilli, lemon and sea salt!). My super juicer decided to pack up yesterday (good timing!) so I’ve been Vitamix-ing my juice and straining it through cheese cloth like nut milk. I also had coffee enemas on both days. For me it is particularly important. I am breastfeeding and the last thing I want is my toxins being washed out into my breast milk and into my little monkey!Tomorrow is day 3 – the breaking point, judging by previous experience. Will keep you posted. Stay healthy and radiant. Love and blessings.

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