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Spring clean – creating space for radiant health

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Today is the last day of Maslenitza – a happy, loud, colourful ancient Slavic festival. It lasts for a week and you are meant to eat loads of pancakes that symbolize the sun! It signifies that the winter is over and the spring is finally here. After that it’s the time of fasting, spring cleaning. This tradition is echoed in many other ancient cultures that revered nature and Earth cycles. The Christians have also picked it up, so their Lent starts about the same time. Which ever way you see it, lengthening days and warmer temperatures (not this year, ha-ha, damn it!) and of course, the magic of spring equinox, make it the perfect time for cleaning not only your home, but also your body, the home of your soul.

As I am tired of feeling tired after such a long, cold winter, I am definitely up for it. I haven’t had a proper fast since before I got pregnant with my little boy Veles, who is turning 2 next month. I still breastfeed him several times a day (and several times a night), so I still can’t fast. Instead I am giving the boot to all dairy, eggs, grains and anything sweet (fruit included). I am left with vegetables, nuts and seeds. Sound harsh, but I’ve prepared myself quite a yummy menu (2 raw and 1 gently cooked meal a day with snacks and juice in between), so I’m really looking forward to my lunches and dinners. I am not as enthusiastic about breakfasts though – I am so used to my bright-coloured fruity smoothies!

Now, why this kind of protocol? We often feel tired because our adrenals are exhausted. They respond to every stress in our body by producing stress hormones. The best way to give them some rest is to stop the intake of sugar (any, including fruit and grains – yes, they are also catabolised into glucose and play up your blood sugar). Supplementing with vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid can also help. This is also a good step to take if your blood sugar is unbalanced or you suffer from hypoglycaemia (this will stress the adrenals too, by the way, and will make you feel tired.)

This protocol is also great for healing any intestinal disorders – from bloating to serious inflammatory conditions in the gut. Grain and sugars ferment in our gut, causing toxic gas to form and affecting our gut flora. Vegetable fibre, on the other hand, will sweep my gut out, as if with a brush, making it ready for absorbing some serious quantities of vitamins and minerals I will be putting into myself during the next 7 days.

One very important thing to do while detoxing is to support the elimination process. As your body starts releasing the toxins, it can get easily overwhelmed and will not eliminate the waste quickly enough. What happens next is that all those toxins will go into you circulatory system and you can actually feel worse. It is important to do enemas (I will right about coffee enemas later in more detail), contrast showers, castor oil packs and some other naturopathic techniques to help your body eliminate the waste (will write more on it later).

Since my love and I decided that we would like another baby, this is also the start of my pre-conceptual care (breast feeding hormones permitting:).

So, will post my menu soon and will keep you updated on the development. Let me know if you would like to join or need any detox tips.

Love and blessings. Sungita

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